Preserving our State for the next generation

The most important job of a state legislator is to leave our state better than we found it and provide for the future of our children. I take that job seriously. I intend to apply logic and common sense to ensure that Georgia is a successful and safe place for those who come after us.


I will work to restore faith in our election process. I will financially fortify Georgia by implementing sound fiscal policy because it is essential to the sovereignty of the State that we reduce our dependency on the Federal Government and the strings that are attached to federal funds.


I will protect female sports in Georgia to make sports safer for all athletes. There are physical differences that make it unsafe for biological females to compete against biological males. We need common-sense legislation to protect our women and young girls.


I will work diligently to attack the opioid crisis and sex trafficking epidemic in our state that endanger our children.


In everything I do, I will apply sound common sense. No more basing policies on political correctness. I will not allow sensitivity toward small groups to override good policy for all Georgians.