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Georgia Deserves a Better Record

"We are nearing the finishline. Help me defend Life, defend your Parental Rights, defend your Medical Freedoms, defend your 2nd Amendment, protect Elections and protect YOU from government overreach! It is time for We The People to take a stand. Stand with me! "
Carminthia Moore
Georgia House 45, Candidate

 Conservative Policies

Sharon Cooper’s Voting Record (Did Cooper Standup for Conservative Policies?)



HB481-— Protecting the Lives of Unborn Children by Banning Abortions upon Detection of a Heartbeat. Cooper opposed one of the biggest Pro-Life legislation in history  2019  — Georgia — House
HB116 (No Vote)– allow nonprofit organizations to offer Maternity Supportive Housing to homeless pregnant & new mother. SB456- Prohibit chemical abortions to be prescribed via telemedicine- Cooper held bill in committee until the last days of session thus, no time for a vote.

School Choice


HB 482 — Establishing a Limited School Voucher Program
Cooper continuously strike down school choice bills
2018 — Georgia — House

Low Taxes


Cooper supported HB 170 — Gas Tax Increase
2015 — Georgia — House
HB 408 — Tax Increase
2016 — Georgia — House

Parental Rights


HB615 Cooper Co-sponsored a bill that would allow minors to be vaccinated without parental consent. 2019 – Georgia2018 — Georgia — House

Medical Freedoms


As chair of Health and Human Services, Cooper blocked bills that would limit vaccine mandates  (ex. HB413)

HB1013- Government overreach under the guise of mental health.

Carminthia moore for State House 45

thoughts from Respected leaders

“Carminthia Moore is just what we need in HD 45 as she leads the charge to protect and support the unborn, women, families and conservative values. She is the energized, fearless, and bold leadership needed now more than ever in our great state of Georgia.”
Suzanne Guy
Leading National Pro-life Champion & Advocate
"Georgia Coalition for Vaccine Choice supports candidates who will drive policies that support individual and family choice on matters of health and bodily autonomy. We believe Carminthia Moore will defend and expand these rights for Georgia residents."
Georgia Coalition for Vaccine Choice
"As Georgia looks for true patriots to represent We The People, Veterans for American First is proud to endorse Carminthia Moore. She is a patriot, a true conservative, and a woman of integrity."
Veterans for American First

Time for a change

Carminthia Moore for State House 45