Carminthia Moore

Carminthia Moore is a woman of faith who has lived her values, served her fellow man, and is now ready to serve all of her fellow Georgians. Growing up in low-income, high-crime communities in Democrat-run cities, Carminthia learned first-hand about the dangers of government tyranny. These early life experiences gave her a true appreciation for the contrast she experienced when she moved to East Cobb during her high school years. Attending Walton High School, highlighted the stark contrast to the Title 1 schools she once was entrapped.  Carminthia is now ready for the fight to prevent Georgia from acceding to the government overreach from whence she escaped.


As a 30 year native of East Cobb, Carminthia lives in Marietta with her husband, Demetrius, and their 9-year-old daughter where they are faithful members of The Church of the Apostles and she serves as a Sunday School teacher for the Children’s Ministry. Exemplifying their values of service, the Moore family opened their home to 22 children and unwed mothers over the past two decades. Carminthia also had the opportunity to serve as the Chair of Women in Technology for a Fortune 500 company which led to several speaking engagements giving her a platform to reach underserved women, college students, and young girls, introducing them to the world of technology.

Mrs. Moore has a distinguished resume as an Atlanta-based Technology Consultant with a more than two-decade career that has included consulting for both national and international companies. She managed budgets upwards of $100 million and has become known for her keen Finance & Budget management, process improvements, timely transformation, productivity gains, and creative innovation. She will apply all of this experience to managing the biggest project of her career – the well-being of the State of Georgia.

Carminthia plans to dedicate her term in office to her great-grandfather, W.J. Stevenson, who was born into slavery but worked hard to build a firm foundation for his family and community. Dedicating the first fruits of his land in 1886 he built the first church for his community quickly followed by a school. Five generations later the Stevenson family still benefits from his hard work.  WJ instilled in his family the values of faith, freedom, and service which Carminthia continues to honor.


Carminthia promises to fight against the genocide of future generations, to protect our Constitutional rights, fortify our state from socialist agenda, and to protect parent’s rights.