I am a strong believer in the Founding Principles of our Great Country. Concepts like Checks and Balances, the Bill of Rights, and a government of the People have allowed this great social experiment to become the greatest nation in the world. But somewhere along the way, we allowed the Government to grow to the point that it would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers. We have eroded the Bill of Rights. We have forgotten that the government is for We the People. I intend to be a constant reminder in the Georgia General Assembly of our responsibility to push back on threats to our Constitutional rights whether those threats are from the Federal Government or the State Government.

Protecting our Constitutional Rights

"We have heard of the impious doctrine in the Old World, that the people were made for kings, not kings for the people. Is the same doctrine to be revived in the New, in another shape that the solid happiness of the people is to be sacrificed to the views of political institutions of a different form?"

James Madison

I will be an avid supporter of Georgian’s freedom of speech. I will protect Georgian’s second amendment rights because 2A restrictions disproportionally disadvantage women, minorities, and lower-income families. The second amendment is about equality and giving everyone an equal ability to defend themselves.  

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

2nd Amendment, US Constitution

I will defend the right of Georgia citizens to make medical decisions for themselves. Medical choices should be made by individuals with input from their doctors, their clergy, their family, and other trusted advisors. But the ultimate decision should always belong to the individual. I will not support requiring a medical treatment by government mandate or as a condition of employment.   

I will assert Georgia’s rights under the 10th Amendment which enumerates that all powers not delegated to the Federal Government are reserved to the States. I will challenge the Federal influence over state policy and advocate that we assert our rights in defiance of Federal Mandates that are not in the best interest of Georgians.

Parental Rights

I believe that parents are best suited to make decisions involving their children’s education. No one will ever care more about those children or be more vested in the outcome. Therefore, parents should have the ultimate say in all decisions affecting their children’s education. Every child is different, and the one-size-fits-all model leaves too many Georgia children underserved.


I will support School Choice legislation that allows parents
to choose the right school for their children. Competition will encourage
innovation and specialization which will result in more Georgia children
receiving an education that is best suited to their needs.



I will keep CRT out of Georgia public schools. I do not support a curriculum that encourages students to judge each other and themselves based on the color of their skin. This concept is antithetical to a civilized society in which all men are created equal.

Sanctity of Life

Defending life is a fundamental role of government. I believe that life begins at conception and will extend government protections to those still in the womb. We must end the genocide of the unborn. But we must also care for these unwanted children after they are born by investing in our foster care and adoption services. Our responsibility to these children extends beyond their birth. 


I know that the economy is on everyone’s mind. Job loss
coupled with high inflation is creating financial uncertainty. I will protect
small businesses from forced closures and work to relieve the burden of
unnecessary regulation. I will fight to keep Georgia’s job market strong by
encouraging businesses to locate here. I will do everything I can to keep
Georgia working. 


My Saving Small Town USA plan will bring more manufacturing to Georgia to help revitalize our rural towns and reduce our dependency on the international supply chain. 

Preserving our State for the next generation

The most important job of a state legislator is to leave our state better than we found it and provide for the future of our children. I take that job seriously. I intend to apply logic and common sense to ensure that Georgia is a successful and safe place for those who come after us.


I will work to restore faith in our election process. I will financially fortify Georgia by implementing sound fiscal policy because it is essential to the sovereignty of the State that we reduce our dependency on the Federal Government and the strings that are attached to federal funds.


I will protect female sports in Georgia to make sports safer for all athletes. There are physical differences that make it unsafe for biological females to compete against biological males. We need common-sense legislation to protect our women and young girls.


I will work diligently to attack the opioid crisis and sex trafficking epidemic in our state that endanger our children.


In everything I do, I will apply sound common sense. No more basing policies on political correctness. I will not allow sensitivity toward small groups to override good policy for all Georgians.